We provide a complete valeting service for all your baby equipment, including prams, pushchairs, high chairs and baby walkers. For more information and pricing details, please contact us now.


Valeting and Service Price Guide

Buggies From £22

Single Pushchairs From £35

Doubles (Side-by-Side and Tandems Pushchairs) From £50

Full Systems (Pushchair, Carrycot, Car Seat, Footmuff) From £50

Car seats From £10

 High Chairs From £10*

  *(including seam and crevice Steam Clean)

Example:-  Bugaboo Cameleon Pushchair + Carrycot  Service & Valet @ £45)

We can valet most nursery items large or small



All Pushchair valeting and servicing prices include:-

Fabric removal from chassis. During this process both the chassis and fabrics are inspected.

Fabrics are then steam cleaned with a 5 bar steam and suction cleaner. We pay particular attention to steaming seams and areas such as carrycot bases and hood rod sleeves, pockets etc…

The fabric Seat units, carrycot linings, mattresses, mattress covers and harness straps and pads are then soaked in laundry sanitiser which is dermatologically tested and proven to kill viruses and bacteria.

All fabrics are then hand washed according to manufactures instructions. We prefer to use natural products throughout the fabric washing process although for heavily stained areas we sometimes use quality non bio laundry liquid detergent. We do not use biological detergent.

Fabrics are then dried according to the manufactures instructions. We try to keep creasing to a minimum which sometimes involves drying fabrics on the prepared chassis or lightly re-steaming fabrics once they are refitted.

The chassis and wheels are power washed to remove dirt and grit . We always take care not to remove or damage any decals during pressure washing.

The chassis is checked over again and the brakes are inspected and adjusted if necessary.

All moving parts are then lubricated. If we do find any problems with you pushchair during servicing we will let you know. If your pushchair is out of warranty we can repair most problems and can supply and fit new or refurbished parts. Our repair charges are low and all repairs are guaranteed.

Wheels are checked for smooth running and we remove any accumulated debris. We lubricate the axles and renew the grease in the wheel bearings (if accessible) We can replace badly worn wheel bearings at extra cost and will advise you if we think your pushchair wheels need this.

Tyres are inflated to the recommend pressures. We can add slime to the tyre inner tubes on request, this helps with long term air retention and can prevent air loss due to punctures. We can also fix punctures or fit new inner tubes if needed. We will inform you if we think this is required (Our prices are always reasonable) We treat the cleaned tyres with conditioner/restorer.

The fabrics are then refitted and  we give your pushchair the final once over.


We can collect items to be valeted and deliver your them back to you for a small charge depending on your location.

Please contact us for more details.