At Mumsright, we firmly believe in giving pre-owned baby products a new lease of life!

As well as giving mothers, fathers and carers a chance to get some money back for their baby items that they have no use for anymore, we are dedicated to refurbishing every product we buy into virtually new condition.

This allows parents and careers to buy the top brands at a fraction of the cost.


Why Should You Buy Pre-Owned From Mumsright?

There are many reasons why you should buy used from Mumsright:

  • It allows you to buy the top brands for more affordable prices.
  • All of our used products come with a minimum one month warranty.
  • You can be sure they have been thoroughly tested beforehand, giving you piece of mind.
  • Buying baby products can be expensive, so this is a cost-effective way of easing the financial burden.
  • We only stock items which have been well looked after.
  • Our very high quality control standards mean we only stock the best pre-owned products.


How We Give Products A New Lease Of Life!

We have professional equipment and expertise to ensure that every used product we buy and refurbish ends up in excellent condition – making sure that all products are running and looking as new!

For example, the process for restoring our prams involves:

  • All of the fabrics are removed from the chassis.
  • The chassis and wheels are inspected, serviced, lubricated, cleaned and polished.
  • The fabrics are then vacuumed and steamed at a temperature of over 120 degrees C.
  • All carrycots and seat units are soaked in sensitive laundry sanitiser.
  • The fabrics are washed using natural soap.
  • The fabrics are then air dried.
  • Fabrics are refitted to the cleaned and serviced chassis.
  • We then give fabrics a final steam clean.

If you are interested in buying our used products or selling your unwanted baby items, then please click on the links provided at the top of the page.

Please Note:

That we don’t buy or sell the following items:

  • Used car seats.
  • Used mattresses.
  • Used large items of furniture.
  • Used moses baskets.
  • Items the have been recalled.
  • Stuffed toys.

When visiting Mumsright and bringing items for a valuation you must ensure that the products are clean, all items are present, etc. (please note that we prefer you not to clean pushchairs).

Also please note that Mumsright reserve the right to refuse purchase of items based on condition, age of item, type of item and brand. We also may refuse to buy items due to current demand and stock levels of our inventory.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on 0151 334 3003.