Q: Do I need to make an appointment to sell my items?

A: It is always best to make an appointment first to ensure that there is someone there to look at your items.

Q: How many items can I bring into the store?

A: We suggest no more than 10 in any one visit. If you do have more then please tell us when you make an appointment as we may be able to look at all of them, if time permits.

Q: How can I get a good price for my items?

A: How much you receive depends on various factors, such as demand for the item, the age of the item, condition, etc. Make sure the item has been freshly cleaned. If you have instructions then bring them with you and make sure you have all of the parts.

Please don’t be offended if we offer you a low price or refuse to buy an item. Even high quality items are sometimes refused. We stock to meet our inventory needs.

Q: Do I need to bring any proof of who I am to sell to Mumsright?

A: We require a form of ID such as a photo license or credit card and something with your name on it, such as a recent utility bill.